About Us - Team XXX

XXXCUSTOMRIDES is owned and operated by the LeSage family, Brandon, Mitch, Warren, and Mur, who together are the imagination and vision behind, every xxx design.

Working together, with highly skilled contracted craftsmen, each an artist in his own field, the LeSage's are designing and constructing some of the finest collectible customs, ever seen.

Working from a 6300 sq. ft. fully equipped shop in Courtenay B.C., XXXCUSTOMRIDES provide a wide range of services that span from a simple collision repair, to the design and construction of full blown rolling artistic "roll n' rock" tribute, collectible masterpieces.

Some of the many services offered include custom fabrication, and welding, custom casting and woodwork, custom paint and bodywork, and custom fibreglass fabrication and repair. Additional services include framework, stainless trim repair, and polishing.

With the recent unveiling of "A TOUCH TOO MUCH," the World's Wildest Guitar Hauler, the LeSage's have listened to the public praise and decided to focus their efforts on the design and construction of more high end collectibles.

Known for their attention to detail, XXXCUSTOMRIDES is committed to building a series of artistic "rollin rock" collectibles, each an original tribute to the bands whose music inspire their designs.


Chief Designer / Team Leader - Murray W. (Mur) LeSage

XXXCUSTOMRIDES imaginative designs all stem from Mur's original visions. His unique ability to look at any object critically and transform it into something better is the foundation for XXXCUSTOMRIDES unparalleled level of attention to detail.

Mur's credentials qualifying him for his designs are not any that can be learned in classrooms. His imagination was formed early as a child and fueled over the years by his unique path of personal adventures. Proven to journey on life's lesser travelled paths Mur has faced many obstacles, and by doing so learned how to overcome them. This unique blend of knowledge together with his natural artistic ability has inspired his wild imagination giving him an unprecedented advantage in the world of customizing.

Welder / Fabricator - Brandon (Old-school) LeSage

Brandon the oldest of the three boys is the reason for XXXCUSTOMRIDES artistic metalwork. Mur may dream up the original designs, but it's Brandon that makes them reality. Literally an artist with metal fabrication, he has the ability to hand-build a masterpiece from nothing more than an idea.


Finisher / Painter - Warren D. LeSage

Responsible for the final finish and ultimately the look we are noted for, is Warren, the youngest of the three brothers. Starting at a very young age pushing a broom for other painters Warren cut his teeth the old fashioned way, by being pushed into it.

Skilled as a guitarist and with sketching, Warrens artistic ability extends far beyond the paint finish seen on our work, he is also partly responsible for the designs.


Assembly / Jack Of All Trades - Mitchel G.(Mitch) LeSage

Mitch is responsible for the dis-assembly of any project as well as the final assembly. Mitch fills the roll as the guy that has to do everything from light mechanical, parts cleaning and blasting, general maintenance, and the ultimate responsibility of final delivery. (trailering our masterpieces to there scheduled destinations)