The World's Wildest Guitar Hauler, first of a series of artistic rock 'n' roll tribute designs by xxxcustomrides was inspired by the hard driving raw power and provocative lyrics of quite possibly the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band: AC/DC.

Literally thousands of man hours went into the design and construction of our tribute, in an attempt to capture and express our respect for the band who has so well proven to us all: "You can't stop rock 'n' roll."

In addition to the hand carved Honduras mahogany trim, finished to match the Angus Young signature series Gibson SG, "A TOUCH TOO MUCH" features a fully functional Marshall amp, hidden smoke machine that actually blows smoke through the tailpipes, an alcohol injected nostalgic big block, and no brakes at the wheels. After all, as AC/DC has so well proven: "You can't stop Rock N' Roll".

Other original designs include:

A custom hand made steering wheel is just one more of the over 200 modifications and original designs that together with the 27 album/song titles/lyrics, honored in our tribute, truly makes the World's Wildest Guitar Hauler worthy of it's name: "A TOUCH TOO MUCH"

Procurable to a bona-fide collector.

The 27 tunes

The World's Wildest Guitar Hauler all started with a 1974 GMC 1/2 ton truck, which is significant because 1974 happens to be the same year AC/DC recorded their first album "High Voltage" (Australian version). This we captured with our rendition of the album cover hand painted on the ignition coil.

In the same photo above one can clearly see the song title "She's Got Balls" on the valve cover of our Hauler's injected 675hp alcohol burning big block, that truly has balls. "If You Dare?" is painted on the Sonor bass drum pedal altered to work as our tribute's accelerator pedal.

This can be seen in the photo below, and when you consider "A TOUCH TOO MUCH " was never given any brakes at the wheels, because "You Can't stop Rock n' Roll" one can understand our reasoning.

While on the topic of driving our Hauler ( which of course was never intended ) "Are You Ready " is hand painted on an abalone guitar pick (to match the inlays on the Gibson guitar) which is attached to the ignition key. If sitting in the drivers seat (an actual Roc n' Soc drum throne) one would quickly notice the custom cockpit complete with a Paiste Hi-Hat detailed to look like the "Flick of the Switch" album, Ahead drum sticks for turn signal and tilt actuators, Shure microphone head for shifter ball and a Coffin mic case as a console.

As if all of this does not say "Let There Be Rock", we detailed the entire dash including the moulded in tach and roll cage to appear as aged granite (Rock). Also, set into the hand carved Honduras Mahogany arm rests are polished .303 bullets for the tune "Gimme a Bullet".

Moving back to the engine compartment the left valve cover is detailed for the lyrics "Harder than a Rock" playing of course with Chevy's catch phrase "Like a Rock". This of course is because we made the engine appear as it were made of rock.

Also in the above photo you may have noticed the rose tattoo on the boob injector plug which of course for "Whole Lotta Rosie" and on the firewall behind the engine is "Whiskey on the Rocks."

On the front of the injection is "Inject the Venom" and on the right inner fender you can find "She's got the Jack" as well as "Givin the Dog a Bone."

On the opposite fender is "For those about to Rock" and of course "Highway to Hell" is captured on the front of the engine bay with the concert AC/DC has yet to play - in Hell.

The oil filter has been detailed to show a Gal's leg covered in oil, for the song "Cover You in Oil" and the right front engine plate is customized to include a razor blade, for "Razor's edge".

The tailgate mural is our rendition of Black Ice, AC/DC's latest album that includes the tunes "Rock n' Roll Train", "War Machine" and our salute to Bon Scott, may he "Rock in Peace- R.I.P."

The painting is a night scene of the Train/War Machine running off the tracks through a graveyard blanketed in snow and "Black Ice" picking up past disciples along the way.

"Back in Black" is ghosted into the back of the cab, "Fly on the Wall" is on the right rear fender, and "Jailbreak" on the left.

Inside the box is a bottle holder built into the rear of the bed lettered in 23 carat gold for the tune "Have a Drink on Me" and last but not least is the 23 carat namesake "A TOUCH TOO MUCH" across the hand carved Honduras Mahogany nose,that sums up our Tribute to the Band who's music inspired it all - AC/DC

That's 27!