Current Projects

"Roll n' Rock" Tributes

At  XXXCUSTOMRIDES we are presently in the research and development stage of several new "roll n' rock " collectible cars, with the two at the forefront being "Nothing Else Matters" our tribute to Metallica, and "Highway Star" our tribute to Deep Purple.

For obvious reasons we are keeping the designs a well-kept secret for now, but will be introducing them to the world just as soon as possible.

Serious inquiries regarding investment in, or purchase of any of the above can be dealt with, in confidence, by contacting Murray directly at

El Camaro

Our biggest project to date by far, is the "el Camaro." Originally designed several years ago this project has taken countless hours to evolve into what it has become today. Based on both the world's most popular muscle car the '69 Camaro, and Chevy's original sport utility the el Camino, we have carefully blended the best of the two and added a number of proprietary touches to create a world class head turner.

Presently in the early construction stage the "el Camaro" design, once completed will be introduced to the world as a limited edition signature series of 100 high end collectibles. Designed to be lightweight and fast, yet street friendly the "el Camaro" will be hand-built of aerospace composite body panels, a 4130 chrome-moly chassis, and the best components available. Only the finest sub-contractors from Canada and the USA have been selected as suppliers for mechanical components such as engines, transmissions, brakes, etc.

Feel free to check back periodically for project developments and announcements.

Other Non-Tribute Projects Include:

Rob MacNeil's - "XXX Super Car Killer (SCK)" - "The Predator"

Like every project Rob MacNeil's '67 Camaro started off as a dream until the day he met the team at XXXCustomRides. Initially all he wanted was a good quality paint job with a couple of minor custom touches, but once he shared his vision of wanting to one day own a (SCK) everything changed.

The LeSage's imaginations kicked into overdrive, and before long Rob's Camaro was being transformed into a XXX custom road racer, like no other....anywhere. Designed to handle the brute torque of a 2000 hp racing engine, as well as perform in the corners, the LeSage's built a custom frame and cage to accommodate a 12.5 inch set back for the monster 572.

Starting with a Chris Alston Chassisworks weld in frame and chrome moly cage, Brandon LeSage went to work modifying everything to his liking. Utilizing a Detroit Speed rear suspension set up, with a Currie Platinum trac 35 spline rear end, Brandon hand fabricated a rear cross member that ties everything together and acts as a major focal point for the unique way he combined the strengths of both his frame as well as the stock uni-body construction.

Even the stock rocker panels are modified to add rigidity to his 22 point design. Other modifications include the relocating of the rear bulkhead aft, directly under the bottom of the rear window to accommodate the cage design as well as increase the aft cabin space.

Mur LeSage's aviation background is influencing much of the build and is evident everywhere one looks. The fuel delivery for example consists of two individual systems completely separate from the storage containment, dual high pressure pumps, and filtration, through to the electronic fuel injection. One common selector switch on the overhead panel along with a pair of low pressure warning lights activates each system. This gives the driver the option of having either a reserve or running two fuel types for optimum performance when required.

Other more obvious aviation inspired designs are the front air dam and rear wing, that are more than just for looks, and were actually engineered by Transport Canada licenced aerospace structural engineers. Maintenance inspection panels, stainless steel lock wired turnbuckles, extensive a.n. hardware, and a mechanic friendly slide-out instrument panel are just a few more examples.

The extensive list of XXX proprietary custom parts incorporated into this design is still in development, and is going to remain top secret at this time. Sorry but you're just going to have to wait to see, like everyone else.

Stopping Rob's (SCK) is going to be made possible thanks to Wilwood 14 inch rotors and 6 piston aluminum calipers up front and matching 13's on the rear.

Definitely a World's first, this one-off custom ride will prove to turn heads as it blows away the competition, where ever it goes.

stock rocker removed, and ready for XXX
exhaust mod

XXX tig welded chrome-moly cage

Note R/H wiper location

XXX tig welded chrome-moly cage

Firewall 12.5 inch setback and opened up
for ease of maintenance

Rear wheel well enlarged by 2.25 inches


'67 Nova SS

We are also building a '67 Nova SS for Terry Reid of Chemainus BC that has a resto-mod theme, he intends to drive Route 66 (coast to coast)