Imagination For Hire

All of us at XXXCUSTOMRIDES are proud to be Internationally known for both our "Imaginative designs as well as our attention to Detail"

If you are looking for an original imaginative design of your own, we can help with whatever the project may be. Whether it's a custom of any kind, car, bike, boat, or aircraft, we can make it look's what we do.

But, that's not where it stops. Our customizing experience extends into many other areas that include product promotion, guitars, home, office, shop,and aviation. That's really where it all began.......customizing aircraft, and well let's just say all took off from there.

XXXCUSTOMRIDES where "Sky's the limit....or is it?"

Feel free to contact us with whatever your customizing needs may be.

XXXCUSTOMRIDES........"Imagination for hire"

There is the options of taking our original design concept to the builder of your choice, or do it yourself at home if you are so inclined. It all starts with an initial consultation

If you are looking to introduce a new product, of any kind, there is no better way of promoting than with a xxx custom design of your own.

Imagination For Hire: Custom designs

We would be happy to discuss the design and construction of your project whether it be from scratch or the customizing of an existing project, regardless of what it is. We are proud to say we have improved both the appearence as well as performance of many projects brought to us after another shop had taken their best shot at it.

Not wanting to point fingers or playing the blame game, but it all boils down to the simple fact that not all men are created equal when it comes to imagination, and with any custom job the superior imagination will make all the difference.


Product Promotion

If you are looking to introduce a new product, of any kind, there is no better way of promoting than with a xxx custom design of your own.

Whether you are planning to unveil a new line at a NAMM Show or trade show of any kind, a xxx custom design is a priceless tool that is guaranteed to draw crowds where ever you take it.

It's less expensive than you may think, and we offer an initial free, no obligation consultation to explore the possibilities as well as options. For instance, we offer a pay as we go plan, where you as the client get the ball rolling with a nominal deposit, followed by monthly payments as we design and construct your masterpiece through to completion.

We offer several different payment and ownership options, that in the end all do the same for you, the client - draw crowds, stimulate interest, promote conversation, and ultimately sell your product.

But that's not where it ends. Once satisfied with your marketing promotion you now have a priceless XXX original that can be sold to a collector, getting you your initial investment back, possibly with a profit.

The fact that our originals are desirable collectibles, means their future home is inevitably a museum, hotel casino, Hard Rock Café, etc. In every case, the result is the same. Our one off hand-built original designs will be continually promoting for you, wherever it is.

Custom Cessna Propeller ( Mystical Gremlin Theme)